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Timing & Shot Clocks

Soccer Scoreboard Accessory – Substitution Board – 4100

Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer

Width: 2'

Height: 1'

Depth: 2"

Color OptionsTiming & Shot Clocks
Black (standard)
RAL 6029
Forest Green
RAL 3002
RAL 3007
RAL 5013
Navy Blue
RAL 5017
Royal Blue


Red (standard)
Green (standard)


The unique, portable 4100 Scoreboard is battery operated which makes it convenient to take to any sporting event without worrying about obtaining AC power.

It features adjustable brightness for day and night operation. It also has 2 handles on the side to facilitate it being held up over the head of the holder.

It also has an integrated 4 button controller for easy operation.

OES’s digital timing accuracy is achieved with the latest in microprocessor technology.

Clear viewing distance is around 50′ for each 1″ of digit size.

  • Specifications

Soccer Scoreboard Accessory – Substitution Board – 4100


LED Digit Size - Score 7"
Electrical Rating 110/220VAC ~ 60/50Hz 2Amp (on charger)
Weight 8 lbs
Ad Space Please ask a rep for more info
Mount Portable
Indoor / Outdoor Both
Battery Rechargeable
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