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A Revolution in Color Customization. Another First from OES.

  • Your Team's Colors on the Scoreboard

  • Infinite Digit Color Choice with ColorCast™ Pro

  • Mix Multiple Digit Colors on Single Scoreboard

  • Customize for Holidays and Special Events

  • Mobile App Powered for ColorCast™ Pro

Whether it’s one digit color or a mix of colors, ColorCast will set your scoreboard apart from the crowd.

  • 15 standard digit color options
  • Mix and match colors on the same scoreboard
  • Included on all indoor scoreboards and shot clocks
  • Digit color combinations selected at time of order

Upgrade to ColorCast Pro and create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind scoreboard experience for players and fans.

  • Infinite-digit color choices
  • Includes ColorCast Pro app
  • Match digits to team colors, holidays, or special events
  • Save all customized color creations for repeated use
  • Change digit colors live in-game and on demand
  • Set the game clock to change color at a specific time and during timeouts
  • Set the game clock color to highlight the team in the lead
  • Have home or visitor score flash when the score changes
  • Build a sequence of up to five-digit colors to flash at the end of period or quarter

ColorCast™ Pro - Mobile App Powered

The ColorCast Pro app makes lighting up your scoreboard with vibrant colors and dynamic fan engagement features quick and easy. With virtual color wheels, custom color storing and options to change look of the scoreboard live and on demand, the app has everything you need to show fans how LIT the game can really be.

Questions and Answers

What makes ColorCast digits different?

Traditionally scoreboards offered limited choices for digits colors and were designed with either red or amber digits. Years ago OES revolutionized scoreboards with the introduction of white LED digits along with the option to mix and match five different LED digit colors (red, amber, white, blue, and green) on a single scoreboard.

With ColorCast we’re once again advancing digit capabilities by bringing the latest LED video screen technology to our scoreboards. Each ColorCast digit utilizes the same SMD 3-in-1 LEDs used in our LED video displays which allows us to provide the broadest range of digit color options in the industry today. Choose from 15 standard digits colors, all available to mix and match on your scoreboard, at no additional cost.

When you upgrade your ColorCast scoreboard to ColorCast Pro, our digit technology allows you to select virtually any digit color imaginable. You can change digit colors live in-game and on demand, and dynamic in game setting options can change the appearance of your scoreboard based on the current state of play.

We’re excited to be able to give our customers more flexibility and choice when it comes to designing a fixed digit scoreboard for a school or venue.

What are the 15 standard digit color options?

ColorCast significantly expands your indoor scoreboard digit color choices. These new standard colors are available at no added cost. Choose from 15 vibrant colors, whites and neon’s  – all designed to bring your scoreboard to life in an exciting new way.


  • Yellow
  • Amber
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Light blue
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Green


  • Neon blue
  • Neon green
  • Neon Pink


  • Bright white
  • Warm white

Standard ColorCast digit colors are pre-selected at time of order. Your OES sales representative can help you choose the best color or colors to achieve your vision for an eye-catching scoreboard.

Are all OES scoreboards built with ColorCast digits?

All OES indoor scoreboards and shot clocks now come standard with ColorCast digit technology and include the option to upgrade to ColorCast Pro at any time. The range of indoor models with ColorCast digits built in include all gymnasium and arena scoreboards for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, hockey, indoor lacrosse and ringette.

Watch for ColorCast digits and ColorCast Pro to be introduced in all OES outdoor scoreboards and accessories early 2021.

What's the difference between ColorCast and ColorCast Pro?

ColorCast, now built into all OES indoor scoreboards offers 15 standard digit colors. Customers are able to mix and match digit colors on a single scoreboard and color combinations are chosen at time of order.

ColorCast Pro is an upgrade feature which adds the ability to select and save an infinite number of digit color choices and allows the user to change the digit colors at any time, even live during the event. The color selection is controlled through the ColorCast Pro app which is available to download onto a smart phone or tablet.

What are the benefits of ColorCast Pro?

Next to the game itself, spectator eyes are most often drawn to a teams scoreboard. Imagine being able to excite your players and fans by flashing the home score digits every time your team scores. Or eliciting cheers from the crowd by changing the colors of the game clock as it winds down and flash all digits in a sequence of up to five colors to signal the end of each period or quarter. An upgrade to ColorCast Pro gives you complete control of your scoreboard digits, their colors and offers fan engagement features to truly connect the scoreboard to your team or event.

Through the ColorCast Pro app you can select virtually any color combination imaginable, change any digits color during the game, and activate dynamic in game features based on the current state of play. The app is free with the purchase of ColorCast Pro and is available to download onto a smartphone or tablet from the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Use ColorCast Pro to show your players and fans how LIT the game really can be.

Can a scoreboard be upgraded to ColorCast Pro after installation?

Yes. Any OES scoreboard built with ColorCast digit technology can be upgraded to ColorCast Pro after installation. Talk to your OES sales representative to learn more about scoreboard upgrades and retrofit options.

Learn more about ColorCast™ for your scoreboard.

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