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Scoreboard Accents

Personalize Your Scoreboard

Customize your scoreboard with accents to create a striking look and give sponsors an eye-catching place to advertise. Add options for decorative trusses, customized colors and electronic team names to complete the pro venue look.

  • scoreboard with ad space
  • baseball scoreboard at rochester university
  • indoor score board

Unlimited Mix and Match Accent Potential

Let our team help you design a truly one-of-its-kind scoreboard.  Take a look at a few of our most popular accent and accessory add-on options.

Trusses, arches and identification panels

Customized colors

White, red, yellow, green or blue digits

Sponsor and advertising panels

LED Message centers

Strip lighting

Possession indicators

Colored vinyl captions

Electronic team names

Electronic game captions

Safety screens

Horn and sound options

Wireless options

Double bonus indicators

  • football video scoreboard at St Marys University in Halifax
  • baseball field scoreboard

Don’t see the perfect “WOW” accent?

We want you to stand out in the crowd. If there is an accessory or accent that would really help bring your fans to their feet, let us know.