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Success Stories

Over our history, we have grown from an electronic manufacturing to a trusted scoring, timing and display manufacturing solution for the pros. From everyday community rinks, all the way up the ladder to professional venues we all visit to watch our favourite athletes. With Canadian colleges and universities and all divisions of the NCAA. OES allows teams and venues to have custom video displays, ColorCast and Colorcast Pro, to create a modern, crystal clear display, allowing digit scoreboards to be custom colors all with a touch of a button. Electronic team names and captions, custom truss, arch or clean sponsorship panels, our projects can be customized from many different options.


From high school football in Texas to Horse tracks. See all of our past jobs that we have completed and how we make sure our customers are happy and we welcome them into the OES team.



From NCAA D III all the way to NCAA D I we cater to a wide array of customer needs.  Some of the most well-known schools trust OES with their athletics scoring, timing and display needs. OES Scoreboards is the choice of the NCAA for over 80 programs.

NCAA Schools

Canadian Colleges & Universities

Across our home nation, we provide scoring, timing and display solutions for community venues to the Pros. With U-Sports and CCAA Canadian colleges and universities allow the next generation to focus on their schooling while also being able to enjoy their passions for competitive sports at once of the highest levels.

Canadian Schools