University of Illinois’ baseball fans have never had it so good – thanks to Correct Digital Display’s recent installation of an OES Scoreboard.

The new scoreboard setup, including live video streamed straight from the field, integrates fully with OES’ industry-leading scoring technology for a seamless spectator experience. If something happens during the game, it’s an OES system putting those stats on display. Immersing fans in the game and offering a pro-level experience give the Fighting Illini a massive home-field advantage. And OES helps them put it on display.

Correct Digital Displays is a recent addition to the OES Scoreboards distributor network. Their extensive experience with digital signage and impressive reputation for top-quality installation and support made them a natural addition to the OES family. From their home base in Illinois, the professionals at Correct Digital Display take pride in elevating any facility to the next level. They work collaboratively with clients to develop a plan for each venue that encapsulates the clients’ wish list – and brings that vision to life in vivid color.

With the addition of the University of Illinois to an already illustrious list of installations at notable post-secondary institutions across North America, OES Scoreboards delivers on its commitment to providing each team and facility with the technology and hardware repeatedly selected by the pros.

Baseball scoreboard at University of Illinois

The new baseball scoreboard at the University of Illinois