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Freedom Hall

December 19, 2022

Freedom Hall
Louisville, KY. USA

At a Glance

• 250’W x 4’ H 10 mm facia

• 64’ of LED Scoring tables

• See Thru Shot Clocks

• Locker Room Clocks

• 2x 76’ W x 10’ H 6mm video screens

• Ross Video Software

OES was asked to help obtain and install a new system in about 4 months, while working around small windows in the facility because of show schedules. They not only accomplished the deadline, they took the extra time to talk to us and figure out what we actually needed based on how we were going to use the boards. They helped introduce us to a completely different system, than what we were looking at, and it was the best decision for us. We are looking forward to the flexibility of the boards based the different events in the arena.

Any Venue. Any Sport. Any Time.

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