“Be part of something big today.
Be part of something larger than life.
Be part of something epic.

The OES Scoreboards team has spent enough time in Chicago recently to fall under its charms. Millions of local fans supporting half a dozen Chicago sports teams that play in six different venues now see their favorite players’ stats lit up clearly above the crowd – OES style.

Most people don’t pay attention to the technology required to reliably get the data from the action on the ice/court/field processed and then displayed (virtually in real time!). Epic? Indeed. That’s what OES does best.

Our team has gotten to know Chicago’s teams up close and personal. The Blackhawks, Bears, and Bulls rely on OES technology – as do the Chicago Wolves (AHL), the Chicago Sky (WNBA), and the NCAA basketball teams from DePaul University. Every game we’ve attended has left our ears ringing with the thunder of the crowd, and our adrenaline supply severely depleted. Sports are what gets our blood pumping, and the Chicago fans we talk to feel the same way.

Chicago sports venue with OES technologySo, the OES team tried to define exactly what it is about Chicago sports that makes the experience so memorable. Is it the calibre of the talent? The impressive facilities, perhaps? United Center, Soldier Field, and All-State Arena are all remarkable venues outfitted with OES technology. So are McGarth-Phillips Arena (DePaul Blue Demons) and the Advocate Center. It seems it’s not only where teams play… the magic starts where they practice.

The only logical answer to this exercise is that attending a sporting event in Chicago is unforgettable because one becomes immersed in the passion of crazy-loyal fans. And that’s why OES Scoreboards does what it does to begin with.

“Be part of something epic.

Thanks for being epic, Chicago. We’ll be back.