July 12, 2013
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OES Commitment to Quality…

On June 21, OES completed the ISO 9001 audit with no non-conformances detected. This resulted in re-certification until 2016. OES has been ISO certified since 1998 and is happy to have achieved re-certification with the help of the team in each department.

OES is committed to its quality management system, innovation, continuous improvement and most importantly customer satisfaction. Every year, quality objectives are instilled by management, adopted by each department, and then integrated into daily practices for the following year. We are continually improving our processes and procedures to help us maintain our quality objectives.

Quality is one of OES’s number one advantages. At OES, we are constantly working to optimize the performance of our scoreboards. The lessons learned from developing mission critical technology for the automotive, healthcare and environmental industries have been applied to OES Scoreboards. Our ISO 9001 certified processes allow our clients to trust that our scoreboards will work whenever required.
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