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Football Scoreboards & Video Displays

Create the ultimate football experience with the same LED video displays, scoreboards and scoring systems we supply NFL and NCAA teams.

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  • football scoreboard with video display
  • football scoreboard showing a play clock time
  • scoreboard with ad space and screen
  • The video display at Gateway High School with the sun setting behind it. Sky is pink and orange in color.

Popular Football Scoreboards

Create the ultimate football game day experience using the same football scoreboards we supply to the NFL and NCAA. Whether it’s a compact scoreboard to display essential game stats or a customized video display, electronic team names and room for sponsor ads, we have a football scoreboard to suit every play level, football field and budget.

Is your football field used for multiple sports?

We have multi-sport scoreboards which seamlessly switch sports at the touch of a button.

Any Venue. Any Sport. Any Time.

We have a long history of partnering with schools, colleges and pro sports teams across North America. We’re renowned for our exceptional customer service, talented in-house engineers and expertise in providing video displays, scoreboards and timing products for professional sports venues, colleges, high schools and community centers.

Here are a few of the reasons you’ll want to partner with us:

The Choice Of The Pros

With OES scoreboards, scoring systems & timing products in over 40% of pro venues, we’re proud of our long standing relationships with the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, CHL and MiLB. For years we’ve been part of their facilities, special events and on-going efforts to enhance the game for players and fans alike.

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Vibrant Video Displays

We know how to use our scoreboards expertise to create an exciting video display viewing experience. From multiple video pitch options and choice of LED type to true pixel configuration, our in-house LED video expertise ensures your video display will dazzle fans for years.

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ColorCast™ advances scoreboard digit capabilities by bringing video display technology to our scoreboards. Choose from 15 scoreboard digits colors, all available to mix and match on your scoreboard at no added cost. Its the broadest range of digit color options in the scoreboard industry.

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Unbeatable Scoreboard Service

Our interest in the performance of your scoreboard and video display doesn’t end at installation. From spare parts to providing local service and access to an on-call technician, our scoreboards service team is committed to ensuring your scoreboard and video display is always lit up and game ready.

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Highest Scoreboard Quality

With shatter-proof panels, brighter LEDs, weather-proof coating, and superior components, our scoreboards, video displays and accessories are built to be game ready under any condition. Our attention to quality protects your  investment and increases the lifespan of your scoreboard and video displays.

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Light Up Your Football Field

From school and community football fields to NFL venues, we have the football scoreboards, video displays and football scoring systems to build game excitement from first down to final touchdown!