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Bolt – VideoBoard Controller


Bring your Videoboard to Life with Bolt

Entertain your audience

Bolt™ is a powerful live event production suite for entertaining your sports audience. Bolt can be used in stadiums, arenas, rinks, fields or gymnasiums. Bolt makes it easy to for you to broadcast live video feeds, scheduled video clips, audio tracks, still and motion graphics and instant replays.

Promote your Sponsors

With Bolt, you can schedule a series of promotional advertisements that will provide your facility with a steady stream of revenue generating opportunities. The promotional content could include still graphics or full video clips.

Leverage your Videoboard investment 24/7

Many colleges and high schools are quickly following in the footsteps of the pro facilities and have upgraded their scoreboards to integrated video scoreboards or videoboards. While Bolt shines for producing entertaining the live audience during the game, it can also be used to produce timely messages or running sponsor ads all day long.

Transform Screen into a Virtual Scoreboard

You can create a customized digital scoreboard across all or part of the screen. Bolt connects directly with your OES controller and can display a wide range of real-time scoring and stats information to augment the scoring data that is displayed on your traditional scoreboard.

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