Controller – ISC-HHX

$490.00 USD

  • ISC-HHX puts the game in the palm of your hand with this hand-held controller.
  • The ISC-HHX is so user-friendly controller operators can change the scoreboard or videoboard display without taking their eyes off the game.
  • The wireless HHX is easy, efficient and designed to link multiple scoreboards
  • Add Bolt, OES’ live event production suite, to really bring your videoboard and scoreboard to life.
  • Specifications

    Compatible sports

    Designed for use with all sports and multi-sport scoreboards

    Connection options

    900MHz Wireless, 2.4GHz Wireless


    LCD Display

    Weight Starting at

    0.6 lbs


    Durable plastic

    Protect your OES ISC-HHX controller in between games with our rugged carry case.