Scoreboard – M8020A

The M8020A outdoor football scoreboard displays game time up to 99:59, home and guest scores, quarter, down, yards to go, ball on, time outs left, and has football shaped possession markers and includes a built in horn.

The game time display can be configured to display 1/10 of a second when the game time is less than 1 second. Every football scoreboard also includes an easy to use interval timer feature to help with work-outs and training.

When paired with an OES controller this scoreboard can be quickly adjusted for any other sports being played on the field. With built in support for common track timing software protocols and the optional expanded field digits our M8020A scoreboard will be the highlight of your next track and field event. The optional electronic captions will automatically adjust the captions text to match the sport you’re playing.

Other scoreboard options include:

  • Optional 99:59:9 or 99:59:99 clock and expanded field display for track and field
  • Optional electronic team names and captions
  • Optional perimeter striping

Colour Options

Digit Color

Color is a key factor in creating a distinctive looking scoreboard.These are a few of the most popular choices. Our colors are known for their fade resistance and durability and we include a wide range of enclosure and LED digit colors to choose from.


Enclosure Color

Don’t see your color? Let us custom match.We can use our custom color-matching process to help determine the perfect colour match for your scoreboard.

Dark Purple
Grass Green
Olive Green
Forest Green
Royal Blue


Weight 982 lbs
Dimensions W: 20', H: 8', D: 6"
Compatible sports

Track, Lacrosse, Soccer, Rugby, Field Hockey

Digit sizes

22", 17", 14"

Team name options

10" Electronic, Vinyl

Caption options

10" Electronic, Vinyl

Game Clock Options

88:88, 88:88:8, 88:88:88

Possession indicator



Aluminum enclosure with shatter resistant Lexan digit covers

Track game time information with ease. Play time and practice segments can be easily tracked and displayed on our vivid display clocks.

Have your scoring solution come alive with Bolt, OES’ live event production suite. Easily broadcast and entertain fans with live video feeds, sponsor ads, team messages, still and motion graphics. For an enhanced viewing experience, connect Bolt to your OES controller and display real time scoring and stats information.

Customize your scoreboard to create a striking look and give sponsors an eye-catching place to advertise. Add options for decorative trusses, LED video, customized colors and electronic team names to complete the pro venue feel of your scoreboard. Popular options include:

  • Arches, trusses and identficaltion panels
  • Sponsor and advertising panels
  • LED Message displays
  • Colored vinyl captions
  • Electronic team names and game captions
  • Play clock and segment timers
  • Safety netting
  • Wireless options
  • And more …

For a complete list of accessories for your scoreboard, email